The Worksheet King (HW)

The Worksheet King (HW) 7.0

The Worksheet King (Handwriting Pack) is a fast and effective way of creating worksheets tailored to
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The Happy Mongoose Company

The Worksheet King is a replacement for photocopiable resources. Whether your children are tracing over their first letters, practising their joins, or learning to produce letters of the correct height, The Handwriting Worksheet King can help. And what's more - it's *completely free*.

Simply enter the text you would like your children to practise, and The Worksheet King will do the rest! You can:

* choose from a variety of line guides.
* use any Truetype font installed on your computer (this means The Worksheet King can use any specialised fonts you already use in school). The program will automatically work out where to place guidelines to help your students write letters of the correct height.
* automatically leave a

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